Up Close & Political: Endgame is May 7th.

The Mueller Report is in. What does it mean? Where should we go from here? Who should we lock up, anyway?

We go deep with our own public hearings: stand-up from comedians on the topic, followed by a discussion with experts and the audience.

Featuring comics:

Jaleesa Johnson of the Mueller She Wrote Podcast!

Mitchell Lamar, comedian and veteran!

And experts:

Rachel VanLandingham, professor of criminal law and national security law at Southwestern Law School and former judge advocate in the USAF!

Michael Genovese, political science professor at Loyola Marymount and editor of the journal "White House Studies" and book series "The Evolving American Presidency"!

Hosted as always by Toby Muresianu of Comedy Central’s Roast Battle!

Come by for a fun and exciting evening at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club in West Hollywood!

Show runs 7:30-9p and is just $5 with a one-item minimum.

Reserve your tickets now!

Toby Muresianu
Up Close & Political: Extremism is April 1st!
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Up Close & Political is the live podcast where comedians do stand-up on the big issues of our time, followed by a discussion with experts and the audience.

We're back with our next show on April Fool's Day! And no, that isn't a joke, though we will try to include several.

This month’s topic is extremism. As in political extremism, not the X-Games, though that would also be a fun show.

We have two of our favorite comedians:

Sammy Obeid, seen on Conan and America's Got Talent!

Adam Yenser, writer and sketch star for Ellen and former Politicon Political Comic of the Year!

and great experts:

Ariella Schusterman, Deputy Regional Director for the Anti-Defamation League Los Angeles!

Jihad Turk, president of Bayan Claremont Islamic Graduate School!

The show is 7:30-9pm April 1st at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club in West Hollywood.

Tickets are just $5 with a one-item minimum. Get yours today!

Toby Muresianu
Up Close & Political: The Environment is March 4th!

Up Close & Political returns to create a positive environment to discuss the potential collapse of ours!

Is the Green New Deal the real deal or do we need a new one?
Is it the size of the Pacific Garbage Patch that matters, or the commotion in the ocean?

As always, we'll have stand-up on the topic followed by a discussion with experts and your questions!


JC Coccoli of Last Comic Standing and the New American Road Trip!

Brian McWilliams of Comedy Ahoy! and the Electric Libertyland podcast!


Noah Bleich, founder of The Tea Book - a zero-waste organic tea company. He’s also worked with LA Conservation Corps and studied environmental science and marine ecology!

Jisung Park, UCLA economics professor studying environmental economics, labor economics, and public finance!

It’s going down at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club on Monday, March 4th from 7:30-9pm—for the environmentally-friendly ticket price of $5 and a one-item minimum.

Reserve your tix today!

Up Close & Political: The Shutdown Showdown is February 4th!

We're back and talking about the current showdown over the government shutdown! (Yes, last week's is over, but next week's hasn't even started yet).

We're discussing national emergencies, the current stalemate, and whether these will be a fixture of our politics forever or if we will, at some point, have a shutdown to end all shutdowns.

Joining us will be an awesome lineup of comics:

Kelly McCarron, winner of the Battle of the Bay comedy competition and producer of Operation Funny!
Aida Rodriguez, seen on HBO and Showtime!

And panelists:

Matthew Craffey, chair of the Log Cabin Republicans of California and writer for The Advocate!

Mark Peterson, UCLA professor of Political Science specializing in American government who's appeared on CNN and NPR!

And your questions!

Hosted by Toby Muresianu of Comedy Central's Roast Battle.

Tickets are just $5, and free if you weren't paid during the shutdown!

Up Close & Political: Fighting Poverty is January 7th!
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We're back! After a December break, we're starting the new year by taking on a perennial goal: fighting poverty.

As always, comedians will do stand-up on the topic, followed by a discussion with experts and the audience. We're tackling the real questions, namely:

* What are the causes of poverty? Is it stagnant wages, increasing expenses, or personal decisions to pursue stand-up comedy?

* What are the solutions? A bigger safety net, more charity, or getting a job already (our dad wrote these last ones)? 

On the panel will be a lineup of great comedians:

Michael Loftus of The Flipside with Michael Loftus!
Armando Torres, formerly homeless co-host of the Cult Podcast!
Anna Valenzuela of Comedy Central's Roast Battle!

and experts:

* Erin Kaplan, economics professor at Loyola Marymount University!
* Michael Stoll, economics professor at UCLA and fellow at the National Poverty Center!

Appropriately, tickets are just $5. Get yours today!

Toby Muresianu