Up Close & Political: Fighting Poverty is January 7th!

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We're back! After a December break, we're starting the new year by taking on a perennial goal: fighting poverty.

As always, comedians will do stand-up on the topic, followed by a discussion with experts and the audience. We're tackling the real questions, namely:

* What are the causes of poverty? Is it stagnant wages, increasing expenses, or personal decisions to pursue stand-up comedy?

* What are the solutions? A bigger safety net, more charity, or getting a job already (our dad wrote these last ones)? 

On the panel will be a lineup of great comedians:

Michael Loftus of The Flipside with Michael Loftus!
Armando Torres, formerly homeless co-host of the Cult Podcast!
Anna Valenzuela of Comedy Central's Roast Battle!

and experts:

* Erin Kaplan, economics professor at Loyola Marymount University!
* Michael Stoll, economics professor at UCLA and fellow at the National Poverty Center!

Appropriately, tickets are just $5. Get yours today!

Toby Muresianu