Our show on America is on the 2nd of July!

The question keeps popping up in the news.

"Is this who we are?"
"Is this America?"

But what is America, anyway? What are "American values" and how many Americans have them? 

Is Donald Glover's vision in "This is America" more accurate than John Cougar Mellencamp's?

On July 4th America'll be 242 years old and in the middle of a full-blown identity crisis.

So we're trying to resolve the question with a town hall open to all at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club. It features stand-up comedy on this country, followed by a discussion with panelists, the audience, and folks streaming online.

With comedians:

Sofiya Alexandra, writer for Amazon's Danger and Eggs and seen on Comedy Central!

Thom Tran, creator of the GIs of Comedy Tour and seen on NBC's Black-ish!


* Sean Dempsey, American history professor at Loyola Marymount University and Jesuit priest!

* Pedro Gonzalez, writer for American Greatness!

And hosted by Toby MuresianuFaith Choyce and Laura Crawford.

Tickets are just $5. Get them here!

Toby Muresianu