Our show on transportation is 9/4!

taco truck traffic.jpg

The story is familiar. Traffic is a problem, the drivers are terrible, and mass transit isn't what it should be.

How is should it change? With self-driving cars, bird scooters, high-speed rail and whatever Elon Musk has come with this week all in the mix, we could be at - dare we say - a crossroads. To help figure out what route to take, we're bringing a group of experts, comics, and possibly annoyed citizens together to discuss it.

Featuring comics: 

Virginia Jones, of Portlandia and CNN's The History of Comedy!

(Stephen) Brody Stevens, of Last Call with Carson Daily and Comedy Central's The Half Hour!


Joe Linton, editor of StreetsBlog LA!

Brian Taylor, head of UCLA's Institute for Transportation Studies!

Hosted by Toby Muresianu.

The show will be on Tuesday, 9/4 at 9:30pm, rather than the usual Monday, on account of Labor Day. It's still at the Hollywood Improv comedy club and tickets are just $5 - get yours today!